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If you’re looking for highly capable private label cosmetic laboratories then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created this page to provide you with the resources you need to help you identify the right custom development beauty development laboratory. There are many beauty and personal care product development companies in the United States to choose from. Please continue reading to learn about our research and development methods and custom formulation. When people search for cosmetic development labs they are typically looking for either skin care and personal care laboratory as well as a cosmetic chemist labs. GLM Labs specializes in private label skin care and personal care products. We do not formulate make up.

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Cosmetic Product Development Process

cosmetic laboratories private label product developmentWorldwide, the beauty industry is worth $97.5 billion annually. Private label beauty and indie brands are slowly taking away market share from established brands by resonating with consumers by offering eco friendly formulations. Brands that offer high quality custom formulations seem to fare better than those that offer generic formulas.

Whether you’re just starting out or have a successful business and are looking to expand our research and development laboratory has the expertise and the resources to help.

About GLM Labs:

Our clientele includes but not limited to:

  • Hair salons and luxury beauty spas
  • Independent beauty professionals such as hair stylists, massage professionals
  • Internet entrepreneurs
  • Amazon sellers
  • Retail locations
  • Big box stores
  • Global brands

Working With a GLM Natural and Organic Cosmetic Formulator:

What to expect:

  1. Initial consultation to discuss :
  2. Your goals for your brand
  3. Ingredients you wish to have in your formulation and those you would like to leave out
  4. Target market (so that we can assist with a marketing story)
  5. Price point (we want to make sure we can formulate a product that is in line with your budget)
  6. Other important matters that might be of interest to you
  7. Formulation deposit is made
  8. Raw materials may need to be procured if we don’t have them in stock at our facility
  9. Our laboratory will make samples. Prior to shipping samples will go through quality control. Each formula can be altered up to two times. You can get up to three different versions of the same formula.
  10. Approve sample for production if you wish to have it manufactured at our facility.

Type of Beaty Products GLM Cosmetic Laboratories Can Formulate For You:

  • Skin care formulations
  • Body Care formulations
  • Hair care products

How to find a Cosmetic Chemist:

hair care product from cosmetic laboratoriesThere are a number of cosmetic laboratories to choose from. Finding the right cosmetic chemist for hire to formulate your beauty brand is paramount. A slick presentation can get you a lot of first time sales. A premium formula can produce repeat buyers. What set’s us apart from other cosmetic laboratories? We have the passion and the know how to formulate winning beauty care products. We procure high quality ingredients that are responsibly grown and sourced from all over the world. We are registered with the FDA and follow the strictest product development procedures to ensure safety, quality and a high degree of product efficacy.

Whether you’re looking for private label skincare, hair care or personal care products you should get in touch. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to see if we’re. good match.