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Are you looking for a high quality private label African American hair products manufacturer? GLM Labs is a boutique manufacturer of private label hair and beauty products located in the United States. We service hair professionals and beauty salons, Amazon sellers, online entrepreneurs and retail resellers. Our specialty is creating premium Black hair care products using top quality ingredients that are sustainably grown and ethically sourced

Manufacturing Private Label African American Hair Care Products 

black woman using private label hair care products for African AmericansScientific American recently published an article citing a study which found that hair care products used primarily by African American women in the U.S. contain a variety of chemicals that can have scary side effects. According to the study these chemicals have been linked to early puberty, hormone disruption, asthma, and even cancer. Almost 80% of hair care products sold to African Americans contain harmful agents. 

What’s more alarming is the majority of these chemicals were not listed on the ingredient statement.

The biggest offenders found in black hair care products to look out for:

  • parabens and phthalates can disrupt the body’s hormone balance and cause preterm births and early puberty.
  • nonylphenol linked to obesity and higher chances of developing breast cancer.
  • benzophenone may cause skin irritation, skin rash, acne, inflammation of hair follicle.
  • diethanolamine may cause irritation of the nose and throat.
  • Hormone (endocrine) disruption.
  • nonylphenol side effects include eye and skin irritation, reproductive problems and birth defects and extreme aquatic toxicity to name a few.

Benzophenone, Diethanolamine and Nonylphenol are listed in Californias Proposition 65 list of harmful chemicals. They’re completely banned in the European Union.

The study goes on to show that some products contain multiple such chemicals. Silent Spring Institute in their study found that some products contain as many as 30 potentially dangerous chemicals. Some of these chemicals can react with each other and significantly increase the negative effects.

This issue has been widely reported on domestically and internationally. Large international media outlets, such as the BBC, The Guardian, and The Daily Mail, among others, have reported on this problem in efforts to raise awareness. Yet, many Black hair care product manufacturers continue to add dangerous chemicals in Black hair care products and failing to properly disclose harmful chemicals on ingredient labels. 

GLM Labs can offer premium solutions to meet your demands whether you’re a hair professional or beauty salon owner and want to launch your own conventional or natural Black hair care brand or already have an established hair care line that needs a boost. We can accommodate you with pre-made hair care products or we can formulate and manufacture custom natural hair care products specifically for your brand.

Private Label Hair Care Products For Ethnic & African American Hair with Low Minimums

We know hair care. We’ve formulated natural hair care for all hair types for some of the largest players in the hair industry. We support Amazon sellers, online entrepreneurs, beauty salons, big box stores and national retailers. We’ve build our reputation of creating products that are safe and work the way they’re supposed to work.

Skeptical? We get it. You should be. There are too many products geared to the African American market that miss the mark. Our goal it to help fill that gap by creating health and environmentally friendly beauty products.

Give our Black hair care products a try. Our low minimum purchase requirement makes it easy to get started. Try our formulations. We’re very confident that you will become a repeat client.

Our Black hair care products do not contain any of the following:

  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Vegan
  • No Animal Testing
  • MIT Free
  • Contains Certified Organic Extracts

Types of private label hair care products for African Americans

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  • private label mens hair care products
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  • Polishers


From Concept to Launch.

 Do you already have your own brand and would like to enhance the product look and feel or simply wish to scale up? Contact us for custom formalutions or contract manufacturing services. 


Our low minimum MOQ makes it super easy to get started if you’re interested in launching your own line or if you’re thinking about switching. The investment is only $49 for the hair care sample kit. If you’re ready to be more than you can refer to our products list and make your selections there with low minimum options.


Hair care products are full of unwanted and harmful ingredients. As industry professionals, we owe it to our client base to create high quality products that our clients deserve. We carefully choose natural & organic Ingredients and take pride in the ingredients we use.


Our products have been featured in:

Oprah Magazine | Allure | Marie Claire | Target | Amazon | Sephora | Walgreens



Whether you’re looking for hair growth products, hair styling products, shampoos and conditioners or some other type of natural hair care products for African American hair we can help. 

We have created some super succesful brands and have helped our clients reach new heights. We are confident we can make your story a success, too. We recommend you start with our private label sample hair kit. The investment is only $49.

We’re confident we will become your private label African American hair products Manufacturer. 

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